Polished plastering and decorative effects courses in London

Welcome to Paint School! Come and learn in a relaxed environment in a central London location. Classes are taught by Jo Poulton, a professional specialist decorator with over twenty years experience. Classes are small with a maximum of six students and course levels are available from beginner to professional. To learn more about Jo and her work, please visit her web site: Jo Poulton Studio

Paintschool polished plastering and decorative effects courses

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Venetian plaster 1

Two day intensive course in polished plaster finishes. Learn venetian polished plastering technique & the following plaster finishes: Venetian polished plaster, Travertine, Marmorino, Banded finish, Lime plaster with riverstone & Polished plaster with metallic highlights. £350+VAT

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Paint effects 1

Introduction to decorative paint effects - One day intensive course in decorative paint finishes. Students will learn 6 different techniques that can be applied to walls and furniture: Dragging, Stippling, Colour washing,Frottage & Mottling techniques. You will also learn to mix colours and glazes. Additional effects are taught in Paint effects 2. £150+VAT

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Paint effects 2

Paint effects 2: Advanced Paint effects. After completing paint effects 1 Students will learn Stoneblock effect, Sky ceiling techniques,decorative Silk effect and distessing and antiquing effects on furniture. £150+VAT

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Woodgraining 1 & 2

Introduction to Wood graining - Two one day courses in Wood graining. Students will learn the following decorative paint finishes: Straight grain, Oak, Mahogany, Walnut, Birdseye maple, Burr walnut effects and a trompe l'oeil Oak panel. £150+VAT for each course.

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Marbling 1 & 2

Introduction to Marbling - Two one day intensive hands on courses in Marbling. Students will learn the following marbling effects:
Carrara marble, Egytian green marble and Sienna marble. Portoro, Malachite, Onyx & Granite with silver and gold highlights.£150+VAT for each course.

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Gilding 1 & 2

Introduction to Gilding - Two one day intensive hands on courses in Gilding. Students will learn the application of Gold leaf. Silver gold and copper leaf are used to achieve antiquing and patinatian techniques. £150+VAT for each course.

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In this hands on course students will learn Tadelakt plaster finish.
One day intensive hands on course in Tadelakt. £150+VAT.

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Marbling and stenciling with polished plaster 1

Come and learn these stunning marble effects and stencil designs using traditional plaster made of lime and marbledust. Two day hands on course £350+VAT.

About my polished plastering courses and decorative paint effects courses

I teach Venetian polished plastering courses and decorative paint effects courses in London. All courses are designed to allow students to be able, when they have finished a course, to apply the finishes taught on the course at a professional level. My courses are therefore suitable for those who are already decorative professionals, and who want to extend their repertoire of finishes, those who are looking for a career change, or those who would like to learn to decorate their homes, using decorative faux finishes and Venetian polished plaster. All students will have a number of sample boards to take home from each course, which they can then use to show to potential clients. Please visit my gallery on this site for many examples of the the beautiful decorative finishes that can be learned on my polished plastering courses and my decorative paint effects courses. I teach all the faux finishes currently in vogue and in use: Broken colour effects, Dragging, Stippling, Colour washing & Mottling, Wood graining, Marbling, Gilding, Silk effect and Stoneblocking. I also teach Venetian Polished plastering courses , where students can learn five beautiful polished plaster finishes over two days.

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