Gilding courses in London

One day intensive hands on Gilding Courses London.

Suitability: All Levels.

Course times: 9am-4:30pm

Price: £150 + VAT for each 1 day class

Learn the application of Gold & Silver Leaf.
All materials, tools, gloves and refreshments will be supplied.
This course is suitable for decorative professionals, professional decorators, plasterers, or those interested in changing their careers.

Course location is in Chiswick, west London

Gilding 1 & 2: Gilding Courses in London - course information

I teach two one day intensive Gilding Courses in London:

Gilding 1: introduction to Gilding

On this course you will learn about all the different types of metal leaf (And the pros and cons of each one), surface preparation, how to apply the leaf, which gold size (type of glue) to use, and varnishing and antiquing techniques.

Students will then apply the gold, silver and copper leaf to sample boards, mouldings and a small flat mirror frame.

We will then discuss and experiment with distressing and antiquing effects, the pros and cons of each, and students will have an opportunity to produce some more samples using these finishes.

Gilding 2

It is recommended that students have completed gilding 1 prior to attending this class.
In this class we will be gilding a beautiful ornate solid plaster moulding in 23ct gold or white gold loose leaf. You will learn how to use the professional gilders kit, the tip, the cushion and knife. By the end of the class you will understand the difference between all types of gilding and gilding on all types of surfaces including metal, stone, glass etc. I will show you how to make traditional gesso and we will be applying it to wood mouldings to make super smooth surfaces.

Background Information - Gilding

Gilding is the process of applying very fine metal sheets to a base surface to produce a luxurious highly reflective finish.

Gilding first appeared in ancient Egypt in 2500 B.C. The Egyptians hammered out base metals to produce very thin metal sheets and applied them to the surface they wished to decorate in much the same way as we do today, however modern manufacturing processes allow the metal sheets, typically Gold or Silver, to be made very fine.

Since the time of the Egyptians gilding has been used extensively for all manner of decorations, especially in palaces and museums.

Professional gilding is a very specialised technique that takes many years to perfect, however in these courses you can learn how to apply gold and silver leaf with professional results.

Throughout my career as a specialist decorator I have been regularly asked to produce all types of gilded decoration, for example on a piece of furniture or a mirror or picture frame, for picking out details on cornices, ceiling roses and doors or even on complete walls!

As with all the specialist paint finishes and Italian plaster finishes, gilding works well both in a traditional or contemporary setting.

As an alternative to Gold & Silver leaf I often use other metallic mediums e.g. gold powder, mica, paint, and waxes, depending on what I want to achieve and of course what the client desires. These can be equally attractive in their own right, for example the Chinese often used gold paint over a black surface to create beautiful effects on their furniture, giving a much more fluid effect than you could achieve with gold leaf. However if its a highly reflective surface that is required only gilding with gold or silver leaf will do.

The class is taught by Jo Poulton, a professional specialist decorator with over twenty years experience.

Gilding courses in London - learn to apply Gold, Copper and Silver leaf in my Gilding workshops
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