Advanced Faux Painting Classes in London

One day intensive hands on Advanced Faux Painting Classes London.

Course times: 9am-4:30pm

Price: £150 + VAT

Learn Stoneblocking, Sky painting, Silk Effect faux finishes & distressed finishes for furniture.

All materials, tools, gloves and refreshments will be supplied. There will be a variety of sampleboards to take home, perfect for showing to potential clients.

This course is suitable for people interested in the Decorative arts, Decorative professionals/Decorators or people who are interested in changing their careers.

Course location is in Chiswick, west London

Paint effects 2: Advanced Paint effects course - course information

In this faux painting course Students will learn silk effect, using the drag effect learned in the introductory course but with an additional formula, with this and the tricks of the trade we will produce faux finishes which really do look like silk and actually feel like it too!

In the stone blocking section of the course I teach surface preparation, base colour selection, measuring techniques, glaze mixes and how to achieve the trompe l'oeil effect to make the stones look real. We will experiment with different glaze mixes to mimic different types of natural stone.

The Sky painting section of the course will demonstrate how to select base colours & glaze mixes for different sky shades and clouds. We will experiment with different glaze mixes to mimic the different moods of a natural sky.

You will learn the popular techniques for distressing furniture and you will be experimenting with a variety of colours and techniques on wood samples.

Background information decorative paint effects

Students who have completed my introductory paint effects course are eligible for my advanced paint effects course. This course allows students to learn three more faux finishes, Sky painting, Stoneblocking and Silk finish.

Sky Painting

There is a long tradition of decorative sky painting, historically ceilings were lavishly painted in churches and palaces, usually as a background to mural painting, although sometimes as a works of art in their own right.

In domestic settings the usual place to find sky ceiling faux finishes are in hallways, mural paintings, swimming pool buildings and a child's bedroom.

Stone blocking

Stone blocking faux finishes mimic a wall constructed out of stone blocks. It is a very beautiful decorative painting effect, very versatile in that it can be painted as a contemporary or traditional effect, and looks wonderful with paintings and furniture set against it. It is a stylish finish that can be understated or painted in a bold dramatic way. Natural Stones vary greatly in appearance so on the course we will take our inspiration from natural stone.

Silk effect

Silk effect faux finishes look & feel like fabric, normally applied to simulate linen or silk applied to a wall.

The class is taught by Jo Poulton, a professional specialist decorator with over twenty years experience

Faux painting courses London - learn faux finishes: Sky Painting, Stoneblocking & Silk effect faux finishes in London
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