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Paint effects courses London - learn Dragging, Stippling, Colour washing & Mottling in London.

Paint Finish 1: Introductory Decorative Paint Effects Course London

I teach introductory one day intensive hands on Paint effects courses in London. Students will learn the basic techniues of broken colour effects, preparation of walls/furniture, how to mix glazes & how to protect the painted surface.

Four different effects will be studied and practiced:

Dragging, Stippling, Colour washing & Mottling.

These paint effects can be used on their own, suitable for any surface, walls, furniture etc but the skills learned are also used in more complex finishes i.e. marbling, wood graining, trompe l'oeil, silk finish and Mural painting. This course therefore forms the basis for my paint finishes 2 course & is a prerequisite for that course.

This course is suitable for people with no prior knowledge of paint effects

Background information

Decorative paint effects, broken colour effects, faux finishes or specialist paint finishes are all terms used to describe the art of decorative paint finishes.

The earliest decorative painters lived in prehistoric times, they painted the walls of their caves with simple outlines. Then by 3000 B.C. skilled artisans in Egypt, India and the Orient began using painted finishes, among the techniques they mastered were marbling, gilding, woodgraining and Mural painting.

The Greeks and Romans built upon these traditions and used trompe l'oeil decorative painting extensively, examples can be seen in the ruins of Pompeii. The decorative arts flourished during the renaissance period, artists throughout Europe began developing new formulas and colours, and they kept their secrets closely guarded. The decorative artists perfected techniques such as marbling, woodgraining, frescoe, trompe l'oeil and gilding, offering their services to the rich. The Palace of Versailles near Paris is a classic example.

Early American artisans who usually had little training embraced the art of stencilling where it served as an inexpensive alternative to wallpaper, they also handpainted and stencilled on painted furniture.

Today, with so many people interested in having a beautiful home, use of decorative paint effects continues to thrive although finishes are slightly more sophisticated than the over the top ragrolling of the 1980's.

The class is taught by Joanne Poulton, a professional specialist decorator with over twenty years site experience.

Decorative Paint Effects Courses in London

One day introductory intensive hands on Paint Effects Courses in London.

Price: £150 + 20% VAT

Learn Dragging, Stippling, Colour washing & Mottling.

All materials, tools, gloves & refreshments supplied. There will be 4 different large sampleboards to take home, perfect for showing to potential clients.

This course is suitable for beginners, decorative professionals who want to add to their existing skills, people who are interested in changing their careers or those with a general interest in the decorative arts.

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